Trash trailers

Trash trailers offer an affordable, mobile alternative to dumpster rentals and the convenience of hiring a sanitation company all at once. When you rent a garbage trailer from South End Sanitation, you can expect a high-quality trash trailer and regular maintenance and service.

If you need a mobile waste disposal solution, South End Sanitation can help. Contact us today to schedule your garbage trailer rental.

Why Rent a Garbage Trailer?

  • Mobility

    South End Sanitations waste management trailers are lightweight, and non-commercial pickup trucks are able to tow them around your property or worksite easily. They make great additions to construction sites, clean-up crews, and even springing cleaning.

  • Regular Service

    When you rent a trailer from South End Sanitation, we provide regular and routine maintenance on your rental. That includes dumping the trash and returning the trailer to your site. Your rental includes weekly service at no extra charge.

  • Convenience

    South End Sanitation offers both long-term and short-term trash trailer rentals. Our long-term rentals are perfect for construction sites that need a highly mobile waste management system complete with weekly trash removal. Short-term rentals are perfect for homeowners or businesses looking to renovate or deep clean.

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